When Everything & Nothing are Profound

I’ve been waiting for something big or profound to happen before I decided to write again. It’s been a few days and I feel like even in reflecting I haven’t seen anything worth sharing or working through with words. But this morning I realized, the past few days have been ones of realizing that from the surface nothing has been profound, but when looking a little closer- everything is.

I recently started reading Simply Tuesday by Emily Freeman. I’m not very far into it, just a couple of chapters, but it talks about slowing down for the small moments, for the ordinary. The past week has been really… ordinary. Except within that “ordinary” are extraordinary little moments and lessons that I never want to lose or forget.

Tuesday tulips bloomed by our front porch. I hadn’t realized they were even there, and after days of gray and cold, that burst of yellow was so refreshing and beautiful.

After beginning to watch my friend’s little one a few days a week and having to get up earlier, I realized I am a much happier person when I’m up at least 15 minutes before everyone else. It energizes and centers me, it completely changed my demeanor after letting my alarm clock be my little ones for the past few months.

It was sunny and 70 for two days… what the what?! It was awesome, we lived outdoors.

Eliza sat in the high chair at the table while we ate dinner last night, holding a spoon and practicing for her upcoming first bites. She’s growing so fast. Her smile and laughter beamed as she looked at each of us and realized she had her own place at the table instead of being on one of our laps.

Jack shared on his own today and brought me two packages of wipes from the other room when I went to change a diaper and realized it was more than I realized it was going to be… he loves to help, especially with Eliza. Earlier in the week he got quiet while playing with her and I looked over to see him kissing her head. I’m not sure these days could possess any more beauty.

As I look back on these moments, I realize how alive life is, how alive it has been, how profound. Yet, I so easily end my days ready to veg and let all the beautiful little moments slip my mind. This morning a devotional I’ve been reading asked the question of how I’ve been hearing God lately. I realized it’s been in reflection. Maybe more sensing than hearing but once I sit down and think about my day or week or hour I suddenly see little glimpses of where he’s been all day and it has never been far away.



When Everything & Nothing are Profound

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